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Boudoir & Glamour Reviews


"What an amazing experience.  Faith and her team are spectacular.  I was nervous prior to the shoot and even rescheduled once - I hadn't lost that 20lbs I wanted when I first booked my appointment and was second guessing my outfit choices.  Well, when the time came I still hadn't lost the weight, but had come to terms with just being who I am right now.  I'm so glad I didn't wait.  The time with Faith was fun, really fun!  She is so sweet and in no time had me feeling very comfortable.  I left there feeling GREAT and my makeup was amazing!  Then came the time for the reveal - I was nervous all over again.  I told myself I'd be happy with just one good shot.  Then the slide show started and I couldn't believe my eyes - I looked amazing.  I was actually moved to tears.  I've never liked any pictures of myself before.  Oh, and yes, my boyfriend as pleased as well!  If you have any doubts, don't - just leave it to Faith, you won't be disappointed.  Thank you Faith for an amazing experience."



"I told Faith I wanted my Boudoir photos done 5 years ago....I would always find some excuse as to why I couldn't do it. I decide now was the time...I needed to do something to make me believe I was beautiful. The day of the consultation was fun. I was giddy even. Three days later on my way for the photo shoot I was driving with tears streaming down my cheeks, convincing myself that I would not like what I would see! I knew I was ugly and fat. Upon arriving I told Faith how I felt and she said "you did your part by arriving, now I get to do my part and prove how beautiful you really are!" In the first few pictures I felt very self conscious but as we continued I started to relax, Faith kept telling me "you've got it girl!" and "you look sexy" or "what ever IT is you have it!". I started laughing and became playful. I left feeling like I was a super model! Then the day came to see "the" pictures. I wanted to cry!!! It was the most beautiful, sexy, attractive woman I have ever seen! Needless to say I had to buy the rights o all the picture hehe, I couldn't narrow it down. Faith, thank you so much for what you have done for me! It is something I would never have seen if you hadn't taken my hand and guided me through the painful process- a process that I believe all women should go through!!!"



"The best time with Faith and her staff. From the time I got there until the very last frame It was an amazing experience.  I felt so comfortable and beautiful. Saw the pictures today and I am so happy. Faith does an incredible job and can't thank her enough for such an amazing day and a great experience."

~Jennifer D


"This woman is SOOO amazing! I'd like to say that I almost really consider her family at this point! LOL She really made me and family feel this way since the first day we met her. She's so great at what she does and truly knows how to capture the beauty that not everyone thinks they have :) I know I'm certainly guilty of this! We are our own worst critic, but after letting Faith work her magic on you, the results will literally leave you speechless! My boudoir session was so fun and I'm so glad I convinced myself to do it! Something I would have NEVER done, but because I know how fabulous you are, and I know you would totally put up with all of my ridiculousness.... I did it and LOVE THEM! So does my husband of course!"



"I spent a day here recently just enjoying being a woman, for me that is what this was mostly about. As a working full time out of the house mom and wife, I find that I don't do for myself as much as I should. Faith and her makup/hair woman both made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as they primped me up. Once it came to the photos, the more Faith took the better I felt and more fun I had. She kept showing me different shots as we went and that made it even more fun! Try it, you won't regret it!!!"



"Amazing Amazing Amazing. There is no other words. I spent an entire morning being pampered and feeling like a women. It has been a very long time since I felt like a women. Faith is WONDERFUL!! I will be doing this again. Thank you ladies for making me feel beautiful!"



This was amazing. I am a working mom going to school been through some rough times recently. I was scared at first but was so amazing. I felt pampered, amazing, and beautiful! Can see wanting to do this again and again and again!!  Thank you so very very much!!!



"What an all around fantastic experience!! Faith photographed me for her spokes model competition, and I was over the top nervous for my first boudoir shoot. Faith and her team made me feel fabulous, relaxed and comfortable and the outcome was outstanding. I love every single photo that was taken that day and I will cherish them for years to come! If anyone out there is hesitant to do a shoot with Faith DON'T BE!  Let her work her magic on you, you will not regret it!"



"I have had the most amazing pleasure of 3, that's right, THREE, boudoir sessions with Faith and her talented crew. She has not only been an amazing photographer, she truly has a gift to see into her subjects and capture their very essence. Hands down, Faith is the BEST photo therapist in the world!"

~Wonder Woman


"This is long overdue. In early February I decided at the very last minute to get boudoir photos for my then boyfriends birthday. Faith not only fit me in quickly and did an awesome job but she also worked to get the pictures I choose done quickly. My then boyfriend, now fiancee, loved the pictures I gave him. I loved all of them and had a hard time deciding which ones to settle. The entire experience from makeup and hair, to the photo shoot and final product was awesome. Nothing could have been better and the final photographs are wonderful."



"I had a wonderful experience, it was lots of fun and they made me feel very comfortable."

~Pam C


"You guys are awesome! I had such a great time, left the studio feeling amazing, and I love love love the pictures! Thanks so much!"

~Melissa P.


"Faith Yes its me the one that tried to back out of my phote shoot. (twice) Thanks for holding my hand and getting me threw the door. I have to say doing a Boudoir Shoot was the best thing Ive ever done FOR first I thought it was for my husband when I walked out the door I realized it was more for ME. 



"Hot. HOT. HOT!A shoot with Faith is an amazing experience. After a difficult divorce, I wanted to do something different and fun just for me. I had NO IDEA I would come away from this experience feeling strong and sexy and empowered.Whether you choose to share your photos with others or keep them to yourself, you will be transformed by the experience.Faith is an amazing photographer. But even more important she is an excellent friend!"



"Being photographed by Faith is like hanging out with your best girlfriend! She makes you feel one hundred percent comfortable and the giggles never end. I love looking back at my pictures probably more than my husband does as they are fun and fabulous! My boudoir photos are reminder of how beautiful I am which is something I need from time to time, especially now at nearly nine months pregnant!"



"I loved my experience! Faith helped me feel very comfortable & come out of my shell! I wish I could do this every year!"




"I heard about Faith's work through a mutual connection and I'm so happy that I scheduled a boudoir shoot. I was feeling extremely nervous prior to the session, but quickly felt comfortable. Faith is professional and personable, all at the same time. She provided helpful feedback during the shoot, so that she could capture me looking my best. Reese, an amazing make-up artist, was also a complete joy to work with! She adds lots of humor and glam! I can't wait to see the final products!"



"Hi Faith,I just wanted to let you know that "R" LOVED the book! He was so surprised and impressed that I did it!You did such an amazing job and I have had so many compliments from my girlfriends. It was so fun and we both love them so much!Thank you again over and over again!"

~Mrs. K



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